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Welcome to Rolexencyclopedie.nl!

When I started the site in March 2013 the purpose of it was strictly twofold. In my own words at that time:

“ On the one hand there are interesting articles about the history of Rolex, about significant models and about people who have a link with Rolex.
On the other hand Rolexencyclopedie.nl is the address for all your questions about vintage Rolex watches until 1980. What are the variants of the Submariner ref 1680? What is the ‘rail dial’ of the Explorer II ‘Steve McQueen’? Which caliber drives my 1969 Oyster perpetual date? Can you advise on a dealer to buy a vintage Rolex?

Rolexencyclopedie.nl originated from a lifelong passion for Rolex watches and I therefore see the site as a pure hobby. Over the years I have built up a significant network in the Rolex world and have collected a pretty interesting database with Rolex information “.

After a couple of months the content of the site started to get more diverse. A larger offer of subjects found it’s way to publication and this route will be followed in the future.
To say it in a compact way I use the following metaphor. The core of the site are the Rolex watches. I see this core as ‘planet Rolex’ with it’s own beautiful features and interesting characteristics. This ‘planet Rolex’ is inhabited by a lot of different objects which also deserve a place on my site. That is what Rolexencyclopedie.nl stands for!
Have a lot of fun while on my site!

Jaap Bakker

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